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What is the real purpose of this spectacular I started early to think about how the principles that carry IKEA could be maintained, also after the time when I no longer was around.

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And it is astonishing to see how the principles established 30 years ago are still valid today. How are things different for you now, both personally happy with what you have accomplished?

Of course it is fantastic to see how so many customers and so many co-workers in IKEA are all gathering around the ideas that carry the company. But there are no perfect things.

Success can be a real danger, because it makes you content. As IKEA grows, we are faced with challenges of a different nature to what we had before.

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Usually, I say that we are only at the beginning of what we can and want to achieve. That statement is as true today as it was when I started.

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When you assess a grant application, what is the primary I always say that I am a very rich man: I have a wonderful family and wonderful co-workers in our company. So when I take an important step in my life, it is natural that I think of how I can make life a little bit better for them all. But today we must learn to think bigger than outside our own family or company. We have, all of us, a responsibility towards our planet, our environment.

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Therefore, many of the future involve how we can do things in an even better way, and make our contribution to a better home work lecce ambalaj for our grandchildren and their children. Produsele IKEA sunt recunoscute pentru un nivel competitiv al preţurilor şi pentru calitate.

Cum aţi compara produsele IKEA cu alte produse la nivel global? Elementul nostru de interes este să construim o relaţie bună între calitate şi preţ; ca urmare, produsele IKEA au devenit competitive pe multe pieţe ale lumii.

Dar IKEA nu este o companie mare - la nivel mondial, suntem abia o companie de mărime medie. Iar când studiem cotele de piaţă, IKEA nu reprezintă o prezenţă uriaşă pe majoritatea pieţelor pe care operăm.

home work lecce ambalaj

Mai avem încă un drum lung de parcurs - şi această provocare ne place. Femeile sunt cu adevărat cei mai importanţi factori de influenţă în procesul de cumpărare a produselor IKEA?

home work lecce ambalaj

În toate culturile pe care le cunosc, home work lecce ambalaj au adesea sentimente mai puternice decât bărbaţii pentru casa lor. Asta nu înseamnă că bărbaţii ar fi complet lipsiţi de interes când este vorba de casă - dar femeile tind să privească locuinţa cu totul altfel. Este clar că femeile iau mai multe decizii decât bărbaţii cu privire la cumpărarea articolelor IKEA. Femeile vin adesea la IKEA în căutarea unei surse de inspiraţie.

Dar pentru a reuşi acest lucru, trebuie să înţelegi cum trăiesc The IKEA products are recognized for their competitive level of pricing and their good value for money.

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How would you compare IKEA products globally? With the strong focus on building a good relation between quality and price, IKEA products have become very competitive in many markets of the world. But IKEA is not a big company — in the global perspective we are only a medium-sized company. And when you look at Success easily breeds satisfaction.

home work lecce ambalaj